UK Inquiry into Conveyancers and Sales Practices


Parliamentarians are set to scrutinise the roles of conveyancers, the provision of upfront information, and referral fees in a comprehensive examination of the property transaction process.

The House of Commons’ Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities Committee has called for submissions, seeking insights into various facets of property buying and selling mechanics, information availability and delivery, and conveyancing practices.

Key questions posed by the committee include whether consumers possess adequate information to choose a conveyancer effectively, the potential establishment of a legally binding professional standard for property agents, the effects of referral fees, and whether purchasers are well-informed at crucial decision-making junctures.

Clive Betts, the Committee Chair, noted: “Buying and selling a home in England frequently causes considerable stress. Although roughly two million households navigate this process successfully each year, many find it less efficient, effective, and customer-friendly than possible.”

He added, “This inquiry will focus on the primary barriers to streamlining the home buying and selling experience, including the time required to finalise transactions and the hurdles encountered in accessing accurate information. We will also tackle issues like the opaque nature of conveyancing services, the practice of charging referral fees, and the lax oversight of estate agents.”

Submissions for the inquiry must be made by 18 April.


UK Inquiry into Conveyancers and Sales Practices 1

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