The Law Society of England and Wales has introduced a revised TA6 Property Information Form, aligning with the National Trading Standards’ guidelines on essential property information. This updated form includes details recommended by the National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team (NTSELAT) for property listings, urging sellers to involve their solicitors early in the sales process. According to Law Society President Nick Emmerson, this early involvement can help identify and address potential sale delays.

The enhanced TA6 form is designed to improve the information flow from the marketing phase through the conveyancing legal processes, potentially decreasing transaction times and the incidence of failed sales. Key updates to the form include specifications on property details like the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) and council tax band, ownership specifics including tenure type and associated costs, and essential data on parking availability, including electric vehicle charging options.

Additional updates encompass building safety issues, restrictive covenants, flood risks, coastal erosion details, accessibility features, impacts from past or present mining activities, solar panel installations, and updates on heating systems and drainage facilities. The form also refines the inquiries regarding the presence of Japanese knotweed.

Complementary resources such as the TA6 Explanatory Notes for Sellers and Buyers and the updated TA7 Leasehold Information Form have also been revised. These forms are accessible through licensed third-party suppliers affiliated with the Law Society.


Revised TA6 Form Boosts Clarity 1

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