2024 BASPI Update: Enhancing Property Information

2024 BASPI Update: Enhancing Property Information


Trade and representative organisations from the conveyancing, legal, surveying, estate agency, and property management industries, including the Conveyancing Association, unveiled the latest version of the BASPI—Buyer’s and Seller’s Property Information form on March 28th, 2024. The BASPI is crafted by the upfront information working group within the Home Buyers and Sellers Group (HBSG) and acts as a comprehensive dataset containing essential property information required when a property is listed for sale.

The BASPI is organised into two sections: Part A and Part B. Part A discloses material facts mandated by regulations, and Part B encompasses additional details needed for legal processes. This structured information aids sellers in ensuring their property is ready for the market and sale.

Part A includes data on disputes, modifications, legal notices, specific issues, fixtures, utilities, insurance, property boundaries, rights, and other relevant property aspects. Part B addresses ownership, legal boundaries, utility crossings, energy specifics, guarantees, insurance, occupants, and transaction timelines.

The Conveyancing Association, following a yearly review by the HBSG Steering Group, has introduced amendments to this new edition of the BASPI. Enhancements in Part A include additional queries about freehold shares, reserve funds, annual contributions, ULEZ area inclusion in London, building stories, commercial property inclusion, title defect insurance, mobile coverage, environmental heating solutions, coastal erosion risks, and accessibility.

The updated BASPI is accessible via the HBSG website, and the BASPI Schema is accessible online.

Additionally, the Conveyancing Association is engaging with the Levelling Up Committee’s Inquiry into improving the home buying and selling process. It is calling for input from its members and other market stakeholders. This Inquiry seeks written evidence on the transaction process, information provision, and the role of conveyancers.

Beth Rudolf, the Conveyancing Association’s Director of Delivery, emphasized the importance of these updates, noting that they enhance the BASPI’s relevance and utility in the current property market by addressing all necessary information areas. She highlighted that the freely available BASPI Schema and a new PDF form aim to improve accessibility and encourage industry feedback on the ongoing governmental Inquiry, aiming to influence beneficial outcomes for the industry and its clients.




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