Private parking fines to be capped at £50


A new Code of Practice has been announced to bring the rules for private parking companies in line with those that apply to local councils and to give motorists better protection from confusing and unreasonable fees.

Under the new government plans, private car parks in England and Wales will be required to display prices more clearly, implement fairer appeals procedures and provide drivers with a 10-month grace period for late payment.

The changes will also see a ban on excessive late ticket debt collection fees, which in some cases are up to £70.

According to the government, the cap on parking fees in private car parks will be reduced by 50% in most situations. Most fines will be set at £50, down from £100 now, however, more serious violations may still face larger financial penalties of £70 and £100, such as parking in disabled parking spaces.

If drivers pay a fine within 14 days, they will receive a 50% discount, as they do with council-issued fixed penalty notices.

The government has stated that operators who do not follow the guidelines may be prevented from collecting fines from motorists.

Announcing the plans, Minister for Levelling Up Neil O’Brien said: “Private firms issue roughly 22,000 parking tickets every day, often adopting a system of misleading and confusing signage, aggressive debt collection and unreasonable fees designed to extort money from motorists.”

“[Our] new Code Of Practice will lay out a clear vision that prioritises the safety of all motorists while punishing the worst offenders.”

The changes, according to the AA, are “very necessary.”

The British Parking Association (BPA) and the International Parking Community (IPC) are the two current parking trade associations, each of which has a Code of Practice that its members must follow.

The government, on the other hand, claims that the lack of a uniform set of standards leaves vehicles “exposed to harmful private parking practises including intentionally weak signage and unfair parking charges.”


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