New Law Gives Local Authorities Powers To Fine Drivers £130 For Using Cycle Lanes


Drivers can be fined up to £130 for using cycle lanes, under a new law taking effect on 22 June 2020.

The new powers, announced by the Cycling Minister Chris Heaton-Harris on 10 June, will see local authorities able to rely on CCTV to issue penalty charge notices to motorists breaking the rules. This includes parking, blocking or loading illegally in mandatory cycle lanes, marked by unbroken white lines.

Authorities will be permitted to use approved camera devices to monitor motorists and take enforcement action with fines of up to £130 in London and £70 in the rest of the country.

This is the latest government measure designed to improve road safety for cyclists and to develop a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable transport network in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last month the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, pledged a £2 billion package for cycling and walking to create a greener transport network, alleviate the pressure on public transport and help to make cyclists feel safer when making journeys on their bikes.

Within the package, a £225 million provision was specifically made for councils in England to create ‘pop up’ cycle lanes, wider pavements, safer junctions and bus-only corridors.

This is in addition to the recently-launched bicycle repair scheme, which is providing up to half a million £50 vouchers for people in England to repair bikes and make them safe to use again on the roads.


New Law Gives Local Authorities Powers To Fine Drivers £130 For Using Cycle Lanes 1

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