New Charter of Player Data Rights for Professional Football Players

New Charter of Player Data Rights for Football Players


New guidelines have been released by the football world players’ union, FIFPRO, outlining football players’ rights to control how their personal data is used.

The Charter of Player Data Rights, which was created in collaboration with FIFA, the world players’ association, aims to establish a structure for managing and accessing performance and health-related data for professional athletes in an era where technology is delivering increasingly in-depth analysis with clear sporting and financial value.

Eighty percent of 119 male and female players surveyed by FIFPRO in the summer of 2021 said they desired access to their data to enhance their performance on the field. Players are still worried about how data is gathered and used, though.

More than 1,000 players in the UK have issued legal letters to betting, gaming, and data processing organisations, claiming that their personal information was sold to these businesses without their consent.

The consortium, fronted by former Leyton Orient and Yeovil manager Russell Slade, are reportedly seeking up to £500 million in compensation.


New Charter of Player Data Rights for Professional Football Players 1

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