Like most large projects it’s worth having a ‘moving house checklist’ to remind you of everything you need to action when vacating your current property and to keep you on track for moving into your new home. You may have your checklist ready with the excitement of your offer being accepted or you may be a little more cautious and wait until you exchange contracts.

So rather than provide a formal project plan with key timings and associated actions, we will guide you along with a moveable, helpful checklist to help you organise for your big move:


a) Declutter

It goes without saying to start as soon as possible to declutter your property. Choose which furniture will fit into your new property, if any needs to be disposed of (plenty of websites for recycling furniture and charities who are always grateful for items) and it may be an opportunity to purchase some new furniture.

When decluttering, clear your garage, outbuildings and your loft (if appropriate).


b) Give notice period for your rental property

If you are renting, ensure you have given appropriate notice to your landlord.


c) Utility and Telephone companies

Contact your utility providers (gas, electricity and water) and phone provider with the date you will be leaving your property and give them your meter readings on the day of vacating the property. It may be worth taking a picture of the readings on your phone.

If you have a satellite provider, they may ask you to return their satellite boxes or they will charge you.

When you move into your new property, take the readings of your new property and check they match with the readings provider by the seller which were passed on.


d) Redirection of post 

Consider arranging for your post to be redirected with the Royal Mail to your new address on the relevant date, and in the meantime contact key companies direct who are responsible for personal financial information i.e. banks, telephone providers. Building Societies etc.

Add to your list companies to notify such as the Tax Office, Insurance providers, Pension, Council Tax, Electoral Roll and TV licence companies.


e) Doctor, Dentists and Opticians

Provide notice to your Doctor, Dentist and Opticians. Register as soon as possible with services close to your new property, as there could be waiting lists in particular if you are looking for a NHS dentist.


f) Parking at your new property

Be familiar with the parking space and any restrictions in your new property and neighbourhood, so when you move you are aware of parking your vehicle(s) so you don’t upset neighbours or experience difficulties with moving in.


g) Book the removal company

If you need a removal van, then book this as soon as possible and keep in touch with them on the day you are completing and give yourself enough time to pack the vehicle to vacate your property.

Agree if you will be packing your own boxes, if you need to purchase storage boxes in advance or whether the removal company will provide these and deliver prior to the day they arrive.


h) Organise building and contents insurance

Ensure you have ‘buildings and contents insurance’ is in place for the date you will be moving into your new property.


i) Valuables

May be worth storing your valuables separately when you are moving, or leave them with a family or friend.


j) Key numbers

Keep to hand important numbers which you may need during your move: Estate Agent, Conveyancer Solicitor and Mortgage provider.


k) Child or pet care

Consider asking a family member or friend to look after your pet or young children during your move.


l) Keys

When vacating your property ensure all keys (main door, back door, garage door, key for the windows) are handed over to the Estate Agent and you may wish to leave documentation in the property for the vendor with any instruction manuals/warranties associated with your boiler, alarm etc.

The same applies to your new property, to ensure you have all keys and instruction manuals, along with any warranties though these may have been left with your Solicitor.


m) Clean

Take time to clean your property and keep your cleaning materials to hand for your new property.


n) Moving in


Some items to check


Take a tour of your new home and check all items off against the ‘property and fixture fittings form’.


a) Ensure nothing has been left in the property, garage, or any outbuildings other than items which were agreed to be left.

b) Ensure you know the time you will be collecting the keys from the Estate Agents.

c) More importantly keep a kettle to hand, drinks and food to keep you going!




Gill Laing is a qualified Legal Researcher & Analyst with niche specialisms in Law, Tax, Human Resources, Immigration & Employment Law.

Gill is a Multiple Business Owner and the Managing Director of Prof Services - a Marketing Agency for the Professional Services Sector.

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