Home Secretary Announces Plans for UK Contactless Digital Border

Home Secretary Announces Plans for UK Contactless Digital Border


The UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has outlined government plans to roll out safe “contactless” border crossings for the UK.

In an announcement on the future of the UK border, Patel has detailed the new measures which will see new testing technology that would let some travellers enter the country and go through automated border screening without passing through an eGate or speaking with a Border Force officer.

Instead, the travellers would go through pre-screening and be identified at the border using cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing the safety of the border and the citizens of the UK.

The changes aim to speed up “legitimate journeys” to the UK.

Pilot schemes are planned to start from 2024.

The news is a part of the New Plan for Immigration: Migration and Border Control Strategy statement, which was released together with plans for a pilot programme to lower the minimum age requirement for eGates from 12 to 10 years old, which were also revealed by the Home Secretary. The change would shorten families’ travel times in the UK.


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